Saturday, February 14, 2009


LoOng time no post..

So I started this blog over two years ago with the idea that I would be able to forge all these new secret identities. Well, that, obviously, didn't hold my interest for that long. I'm not into covert operations so much. Still, I'm starting fresh, a little more open and upfront and it feels like I'm coming out a bit, slowly.

Here's a series of drawings I did recently, quick , ball-point pen line-work, painfully distorting my face for the sake of seeing whether my expression didn't remind me of someone else. And if, by the odd chance, I didn't get a bit of a clue of what it is I really look like.

I like the idea that I can look like someone else just by exaggerating certain features, embodying stereotypes, caricatures of myself.

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